Kayla Smith is a hoop dancer from Edinboro, PA and is often known by locals as ‘The Little Caesars’ Girl’. What many people don’t know is she also performs, instructs, and is currently traveling the US to pursue her dream and find a higher purpose in life.


Kayla discovered hoop dance seven years ago when she saw fire-hooping in the music video ‘Shoes’ by Kelly, she was 12 at the time. After thinking that what she saw was cool, she decided to take up learning how to hoop. Little did she know that making the decision to learn to hoop would change her life.

Kayla learned how to hoop from a single DVD and YouTube, after four years of hooping and teaching herself, she met other hoopers who to this day still inspire her to keep learning and growing. As of today she has been hooping for seven years and performing and instructing for two and a half.


Instructing and performing are Kayla’s two passion in hoop dance when it comes to what she has to offer others, whether you are a hoop dancer, interested in learning, or just looking to hire a hoop dancer for your event entertainment, she is here for you!

  • As an instructor Kayla aims to best help whatever you are looking for, maybe you are just starting, or are looking to tune up your style, whatever it is, she strives to help you feel good about your hooping practice. Hoop dance, also being a meditative element will help you get ‘you’ time, all while getting an awesome workout that you don’t need to go to the gym for either! Click here for more on instruction by Kayla.
  • Looking for entertainment? Kayla has performed for many types of events (scroll to bottom of page for list) and loves to amaze audiences everywhere! She will grab the attention of all of your guests or attendees and have everyone mesmerized!  Click here to find out more!

Performance from SouthSide Works 2014:




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