Set Goals, Not Resolutions this 2015

This year I spent New Years in The Philippines. How crazy is that? It was actually quite annoying about half the day, with continuous noise makers going off and those snapping gunpowder things that sounded like gunshots, I was afraid to even go outside.

It was quite amazing at the same time though. Once the clock hit midnight, the entire community was shooting off fireworks. We went up to our roof and had there not been a tree blocking the view behind us, would have had a 360 degree firework show. Check out the video below:


2014 was my first year out of school, so my focus was hoop dance, working, and growing my career in anyway I could. I had remembered that I wrote my goals for 2014 in my journal the year before, what I discovered was awesome.

Here was my goal list as written (and what happened with the goal in parenthesis).

  • Sell 30+ hoops (I don’t know the exact number but it came close)
  • Get 2 Shows (Got my first at Edinboro Manor and would have appeared in the                                         homecoming parade had I not left town, I still feel accomplished)
  • Go to France (Nope, I was also in a desperate mindstate to leave.)
  • Move out (Check.)
  • Get AFAA Certified (Check.)
  • Good Health (Meh, it was on and off.)
  • Learn to Meditate (Didn’t happen, but did attempt.)
  • Blog (Check.)
  • Have a successful performance page (It’s going and still on it’s way.)
  • Visit Colorado (Went there plus California, Texas, Georgia, and MANY others.)

Of course I didn’t make every goal but the ones I did make were nonetheless, substantial moves and life changing. I’m already excited about seeing what my 2015 goal list will bring me.

So why set goals over resolutions? How many times have we tried resolutions and seen them fail? Exactly. Resolutions make us enter the year acting upon our resolutions immediately and in doing so, they burn up. Not implying that it’s impossible to not live up to our New Years resolutions, but for those who have trouble sticking to resolutions, try writing this years goals instead.

The goals I made last year were all things I had in mind that would better myself in the future, as a person and in my business. I envisioned who I would become from accomplishing these things as my motivation when writing, and viewed them as the next steps in my life. The best part was, I didn’t start immediately in 2014 as many people would with resolutions, my goals were more like general guidelines.

For 2015, I encourage you to try this and put your list somewhere you’ll see it often. Don’t have a sense of urgency to start to it all because of the New Year, relax, you have the whole year ahead of you, all that matters is that you start somewhere.

My 2015 Goals:

  • Move somewhere
  • Continue blogging
  • Reach 800 YouTube Subscribers (you can support at: ;))
  • Start Newsletter (Round 2)
  • Set-up and do 10 performances
  • Get regular hoop teaching gig
  • Get off my thyroid medication
  • Gogo dance
  • Teach @ Return to Roots again
  • Get Stronger

What’s on your goal list for 2015? Comment below and follow me endless inspiration!

Happy New Year!!

-Kayla Marie

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