Philippines Flight Commentary

Live writing and thoughts as I travel to The Philippines:

Right now I’m sitting at the Erie airport waiting to board. Jackie and I got up at 3:30 AM to head to the airport and we made an early arrival at 4 AM for my 6 AM flight. I haven’t really processed that I’m here again already. 3rd times a charm they say. This next two months I’ll be in The Philippines, yeah, I got this. I think.

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Airports are so good for people watching, like, probably the best place to in fact.

My connecting flight to Asia the past two years has been Detroit, this year it’s Chicago, thank goodness, because this airport is hella cool. Considering I have a three hours layover it’s a pretty nice airport to spend time walking around in. I had to stop walking though. 1. Carrying all my shit is killing me and 2. I’ve sweat through my shirt already. Like come on, can’t I at least get to Tokyo before this becomes a problem? I should probably stop drinking lattes all day.

Time to check out the new book I just impulse bought.

I swear, some airports suck when it comes to internet.

Tokyo also kinda sucked when it came to internet. You know that that means though, I survived the 13 hour flight. Now I’m ready to board again to head to Manila. Four more hours and I’m out! I’ve been awake close to 24 hours now which isn’t as bad as my past trips to The Philippines.


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If you ever fly to Asia, I recommend ANA airlines. Japanese style flying is way cooler than any U.S. flight I’ve ever been on.

People watching now. This woman is struggling to put her carry on in the over head. Pretty sure she’s gonna have to put it elsewhere. Ohp (yes I spelled that right), the attendant took it. Okay, well, peace. Until next time, I will be in The Philippines.

Hey travelers, what’s the best flight you’ve been on and where did you go? Comment below and if you’re on instagram don’t forget to follow me on my adventures!

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