The City of Angels

Realizing I was heading to one of the country’s largest cities was unbelievable, it was also funny because I remember being terrified to drive into Philadelphia and by the time I hit LA I was like whatever, I got this. They say traffic is ‘crazy’ but really, it’s not. Yes, there is A TON of traffic but when I heard ‘crazy’ I thought everyone was going to be an asshole. I found that California drivers are 10x calmer than us East Coasters when it comes to driving, actually.

I started my journey by couchsurfing in Sherman Oaks and spent my first day driving into Venice to check out the beach everyone had been telling me about. I loved every artist I met, I felt like talking to them was an easy flow,  but there are also a lot of people with not very welcoming vibes. I then got the crazy idea to go busk there the next day, I made $15, $13 of which was tipped by this pervert,  leaving me with a sleazy impression and sick of Venice.

In the midst of this my host had to kick me out (I did nothing wrong, I promise!) and was left needing to find a place to stay that weekend. It was scary and felt like a huge stress but I made it work and managed to find a different place to stay both nights.

In my last days I went to Hollywood and Santa Monica. In Hollywood  my best friend from childhood met me and we got to explore the boulevard, it was everything you would imagine it to be and very cool to experience. Seeing a friend from home was also amazing, I had not spent time with anyone like that since Philadelphia.

My last day I ended up in a photoshoot with Tiffany Grove of Balancing Warrior Yoga. We ended up having yogis and aerialists there for the shoot too. We took everything down to muscle beach and spent the time shooting there. I even got to try silks for the first time (I want to learn now!) and spent time with the girls on the greens practicing acro yoga. Now if only everywhere had a gathering of acro-yogis!!

I decided to change up my usual video and did a promotional video for Tiffany’s hand-painted yoga pants. There is some amazing talent to see here! If you love the pants she makes, follow her @BalancingWarriorYoga in order to win free yoga gear!

You can find the video underneath my photos from LA 🙂



Sitting in Kat Von D’s gallery shop.



I couldn’t not take a photo of Michael Jackson’s star!!!



And this is what I do when there are hand prints all over the ground…



The Hollywood sign from the observatory!


And a shot of L.A. from the observatory!

Check out the video below to see some amazing talent and sick clothing design!

Until next time everyone ❤

Kayla Marie

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