There’s no going back: San Diego

After a 12 hour drive (yes, I kid you not) I made it to Oceanside, California to post up for the night. My arrangements were to stay in Oceanside with my couchsurfing host Michael but learning that my friend and mentor Sarah Jordan, of Teach Kids to Hoop, was going to be moving into her and her husbands new place, I ended up in San Diego staying with them. It worked out perfectly.

Arriving in California was amazing, it meant that I had made it and could not turn back. Turning back only meant I could complete my journey as I had planned. The feeling that I really did it, was incredible. It almost brings tears to my eyes thinking that I made it to California, thinking that only 40 days before it was only a thought and of course, a goal.

I didn’t originally plan to go to San Diego but after knowing that was where Sarah was, I had to visit! It was so great to see her again and to finally be able to meet her husband Chad, and dog, Ziggy, whom I had seen many photos of before.

Being my first taste of California I was in love with it. I spent much of my time around the Ocean Beach area, meeting as many characters as I could and eating as much delicious food as possible (my downfall). Newport Avenue, a busy place that had lots of cool shops is where I ended up spending almost ALL of my spending money. The verdict: As long as I make it back to Georgia, it was worth it.

In all, I enjoyed the most beautiful weather yet and had so much fun getting to know California for the first time.

Sarah and I collaborated on this destinations video, using California Dreamin’ on the track. The choreography is created by me and includes additional freestyles.

On another note, there will be no more tutorials, I have tried my best to keep up with them but due to a recent lack of energy and stress I can not continue them until I am feeling more stable.

And last but not least, my top photos from my stay 🙂


Spent this night out busking with Sarah, it was a successful night!


Probably the BEST sign ever!


The beautiful palm trees captivated me.


A view from the pier at Ocean Beach, so amazing!


A shot from our  video shoot!

Thanks again for reading and following up with my adventure!

-Kayla Marie

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One Response to There’s no going back: San Diego

  1. Sarah Jordan says:

    Thanks Kayla! I’m extremely glad that we got to collaborate and hang out a lot while you were in town. looking forward to seeing the wonderful video you created. For those of you reading this wondering the correct address of my website, it is 🙂


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